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Bulletto R.I.P: Western Jewelry Gone East

There is no doubt that sterling silver and the art of Native American jewelry has made a big impression on jewelry designers that are influenced by the art of this type of art. From Larry Smith to SWS of London, Native American jewelry with a sense of American authenticity seems to always be a crucial selling point. A main reason of this could be due to real materials such as sterling silver and turquoise jewels. However, the craft of the jewelry is the primary reason why jewelry in similar fashion is rather successful. With no exception, up and coming brand Bulletto has created timeless pieces through the sister jewelry line Bulletto R.I.P.

Dreamt and developed by Kwang Ho Cha, the R.I.P line was made to show an reinterpretation of American jewelry, and give ode to handmade jewelry that was developed in the early twentieth century. With a smooth finish and detailed stamps that tell a story, the pieces will age beautifully to your liking as the years go by. To add on to the individuality of the line, Bulletto adds its signature vintage references and hand-carving techniques to the pieces, which in return provides a great distinction compared to its competitors. Being a fan of Larry Smith and owning a piece of jewelry from the designer, there was no doubt that I'd be instantly attracted to this brand that cares so much about presentation and attention to detail.

Being an amazing form of art, Native American jewelry is one that dates back to the indigenous tribes of the United States of America. The materials had been used from the southwest and northwest, for over a thousand years. With these pieces of jewelry, things such as turquoise and sterling silver are strongly used to assemble these products. Considering that these types of techniques are a bit difficult to replicate, Bulletto does an amazing job doing so. The finishes of the jewelry are outstanding and their understanding of the symbols used within Native American jewelry does not seize to amaze me.


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