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Eastlogue Takes on Menswear by Tracing Back the Footsteps

As 2016 rolls on and the world of menswear gains multiple designers who love all aspects of workwear, there is no doubt that sometimes, these brands can get lost in all of the hype that follows said brands. Founded in 2011, Eastlogue has become a true pioneer in workwear originating from Korea. In the land of brands such as Engineered Garments, Knickerbocker & Co., The Hill-side and even Arpenteur; competition is rather stiff in this sense. However, there is a sense of craftsmanship and individuality that none of these brands can compare with. The brand is starting to find their voice after five years, and the future is rather bright and promising to add.

What makes Eastlogue so marketable is that is made by Koreans, produced in Korea and created by Koreans. Everything is sourced within the brand’s country, and that’s rather appealing to someone who wishes their clothing isn’t cheaply made or made in poor environments such as the sweatshops in Bangladesh. The attention to detail is rather amazing, and this is openly due to the fact that designer and owner Dongki Lee has a keen sense of what works well and what doesn’t. With a love for old WWII workwear silhouettes and vintage pieces alike, Lee Dongki has a sense of Americana running through his collections. With military vests, short-sleeve quilted puff jackets and the like, the pieces that Lee tends to produce are individually appealing to consumers of this niche fashion category.

What’s also special about some these pieces are the placement of the details such as the rather fitted trousers that have pockets on the front of the trousers and lining that is rather contrasting to the whole piece. As well, the parkas have amazing and outstanding metal clasps that are rarely seen on a piece like this. Either way, Eastlogue seems to be ahead of their time, and definitely a brand that the niche workwear market needed.

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