Green Fingers Market - The Future of Plant Shops

Reminiscent of Little Shop of Horrors (in a good way), Green Fingers Market is a plant shop that is equally beautiful as it is fascinating that all of these plants can live in equilibrium. Started by Satoshi "Satie" Kawamoto who started Green Fingers Market three years ago originally in the East Village in Manhattan. What makes this shop even more unique is that it's the first flagship store to be produced in the United States.

Satie not only owns a store in the USA, but 7 others in Japan as well! Ranging from coffee to decor, each GF store is unique and different, which sets apart them from competitors. GFM even provides plants to Muji on 5th Avenue to boot. With the influence of plant art and the uniqueness of the styling of plants, GFM has had a strong influence on even fashion brands, not to mention being mentioned in New York Magazine and the New York Times.

With already three years of being open for business, GFM has had a unique color to the brand. With providing nice vintage finds provided by vintage sellers Yoji Nemoto (Foremost Vintage) and John Gluckow (Strong Arm Clothing and Supply), beautiful jewelry from Larry Smith and even various bags from BAGSINPROGRESS, GFM is treated exactly like a market. The necessity of plants are there, but if you want to explore more of what's to be offered at a market, you would obviously explore the other products just like any other market. Once you're drawn in by the plants, you can't help but also pick up other items as well!

If you are itching to get an insta-worthy fig tree, want to try taking care of plants for the first time or want to even shop some vintage selects, then Green Fingers Market will be a great way to explore the endless possibilities!