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86road - Denim's New Hellraiser

When talking about denim, the world of this common fabric is rather wide and in popular demand. The attributes are easily undeniable: It's easy to wear, you can throw them on without effort and most importantly, they're rather versatile no matter what you wear. All of this is to say is, there's something about the fabric that sets it apart from any other. The main question is, how can a denim piece or brand set itself apart from any other brand or piece that is rather a carbon clone at times? With 86road and its "polished street" urban fashion image, the brand is set out to change this rather view that many consumers have came to the conclusion about.

Before starting out their venture in Korea, 86road had great success within the Japanese fashion market. The brand was originally in Men's select shops such as Adams Juggler, PIPE LINE and Babel. Now focusing on the Korean market, 86Road has been on multiple Korean celebrities, with the aspiration of venturing into the western market. What'll gain 86road its longevity is the promise of sustainability and the expectation that good denim always will stay in tact. Great denim can last for years, and with this brand, they hope to strive for such perfection.

The cuts of the pieces are rather urban, and give off intense energy. From the western shirt to the ripped jeans, all of these classic denim looks have more of a raw feel them, something that is definitely incomparable to fast fashion denim brands that attempt to be cool. Most importantly, the brand's one-of-a-kind denim pieces are ones to look after, especially the Untouched Solid Denim Jacket! All of this taken into consideration, 86road is rather promising, and has an aura of new beginnings and rough edges to be feathered out in the near future.

Whatever take you have on fashion, 86road is a denim brand that is going to make a difference in the niche category.

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