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Lucid–Emotion Through Color

In collaboration with BESLOW, Cosmic Modesty and SHIELDCOLOR, Lucid is an exhibition that took place in Seoul, South Korea from October 4th to 12th. With the night starting out rather splendidly and the artists Gongkan and Kanrapee Chokpaiboon taking their place for the start of the exhibition, the excitement started to swell and the Emok Gallery became full. As the gallery became surrounded with chatter and curiosity with the help of Cosmic Modesty, the event began and the crowd grew silent as Kanrapee and Gongkan spoke of their work.

With the concept being of loss and confusion, the red had symbolized the feeling, while the blue and yellow presented the audience with hope and happiness. The twist of the exhibition was the red film glasses that hid the blue paint from SHIELDCOLOR on the photo. However, as the glasses are lifted the veil of sadness is as well, being lifted. The audience loved the concept and were amazed about the story that was told through the glasses and paint.

As the event progressed, the audience started to mingle amongst one another, as well as had the opportunity to get a polaroid portrait, alongside a doodle by Gongkan, using SHIELDCOLOR dark blue acrylic paint as his medium. As the audience also enjoyed the portraits, they were able to look at BESLOW clothing and have a nice drink of Jameson. With the night winding down, the audience said their goodbyes to the artists and the night quietly ended. The show was an amazing hit thanks to Cosmic Modesty and BESLOW, who both directed the show and made the amazing work of Gongkan and Kanrapee Chokpaiboon come to life. As well, we would like to give thanks to SHIELDCOLOR for providing paint for Gongkan to work with.

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