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Athluna + The Art of New York Exercise

With people wanting to be more active and enjoy life in a more positive way, the wave of exercising in America, specifically New York City, the various ways people are beginning to try to stay active varies. From hiking to crossfit, there are so many ways you can stay healthy in New York, and have various options to choose from as well!

With brands such as Athluna being responsible of great workout clothing, you can also look stylish while doing these multiple sports activities as well. With great pieces and stylish but practical active wear, Athluna is a brand that is one to look out for. The brand mixes practicality with style easily and does it without effort. The variety of pieces to choose and to mix with are endless and you could wear them while you're running, playing basketball, etc. With the backdrop of New York, these few activities you can do with Athluna clothing will be a great workout experience, while looking flawless.

One popular New York City workout passtime is CrossFit. Created by Greg Glassman in 2000, CrossFit incorporates Olympic training exercises, powerlifting, gymnastics, calisthenics, etc. to get your body moving and your muscles alive with intense workouts and activities. There are many CrossFit locations within NYC, such as Reebok CrossFit located on 5th Ave.

Another way to stay up and active is kickboxing in NYC. This has started to become a trend amongst women who just want to stay light and fast in many aspects of their lives. With it's use of kicking and hitting, this type of sport is used for self-defense and a great way to generally keep in shape. Since you are actively using both your fists and legs, it is a sport and gym activity that easily intrigues New Yorkers, as they are always on the go and always walking. All of these elements make up for a good way for New Yorkers to stay in shape as well as enjoy using every muscle in their body to work out. You can check out kickboxing at iLoveKickboxing in Chelsea.

Lastly, a activity that everyone does in New York to at least have some type of cardio in their daily life has to be running. Just like walking, running is something that we all easily do in our lives, therefore making it a great way to stay active as this is something that keeps us at least a bit healthy. With that being said, everyone here in New York City is crazy about working out. There's so many people any time of the day that you'll see running on the street. However, many people also opt to run in parks around the city, such as Central Park. Even though Central Park is one of the biggest parks in the city and seems nearly to impossible to run through the whole park, it is still fun to get a few miles in in this wonderful park.

With Athluna, you can do all of these great activities, while also looking pretty amazing and gorgeous!

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