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Mast Brothers—Chocolate of Brooklyn

If you’re attempting to find something sweet for your loved one but want to do it in a stylish way then fear not, Mast Brothers Chocolate has you covered. Recently going there, the aroma of chocolate and the sweet flavor hits you simultaneously. Not only do you get the experience of ordering and buying the chocolate, but you’ll easily be able to eat it with some hot chocolate to go or a coffee as well.

Originally founded in 2007 by brothers Rick Mast and Michael Mast, Mast Brothers Chocolate had since promised their promise of only using beans and cacao for their chocolate. With the high quality of the brand, the greatest selling point of the chocolate has to definitely be he varying flavors as well as the packaging that accompanies each unique flavor. Not only do they have a store in Williamsburg, but they as well have a store in Los Angeles and London.

Considering that this is all originating from Brooklyn, it is amazing how they can tastefully design the packaging, taste and complete ambiance of the location. However, what makes it even more outstanding is the in-house chocolate making. As well as seeing the chocolate-trained professionals make the chocolate, patrons can get a tour around the factory bit and learn what it’s like to make it.

If you definitely are tired of the generic chocolate experiences in New York, then Mast Brothers is the seemingly better alternative.

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